Frequently asked questions about pool installations

  1. Do you have a business license?
    Yes, we have city, county and state business licenses in TN and GA. Also, in Georgia we have a residential and commercial Septic System License and a Level 1A Erosion Control License.
  2. Do you have insurance?
    Yes, we carry $1 million in general liabilities for each occurrence and $2 million in aggregate to protect our customers. We also have workers' comprehensive insurance to cover our employees.
  3. How long will it take to build my pool?
    Generally, with good weather, we can have water in your pool within 3-5 days. At this time we will need to let the backfill around the pool settle and get the electrical work done. Then we will come back and re-backfill, then form and pour concrete. Typically the complete job takes 3-5 weeks.
  4. Who gets the permit?
    We purchase all building permits.
  5. Does your company do all of the work?
    Yes, our crew does all the excavating, installation, plumbing, forming of concrete, and final yard dress-up. We use a professional concrete finishing service to pour and finish the pool deck.
  6. Do you have a warranty?
    Yes, the pool structure has a lifetime warranty. The liners have a 20-year warranty. Safety covers have a 15-year warranty. The pool equipment, pumps, filters, salt systems, heaters, lights, etc, are all backed by a manufacturer's warranty.
  7. Can my pool be any depth?
    Yes, we can customize your pool to any depth.
  8. What is under the liner?
    We install a 1/4" thick foam on the pool walls and a formulated vermiculite concrete pool base mix underneath the liner. Vermiculite is a smooth, nonabrasive and semi-hard product that provides protection and a cushion for the liner to lie on.
  9. What size pipe is used in the plumbing?
    We use 2" PVC schedule 40 DWV with a pressure rating of 330 psi for plumbing in the circulation system of the pool.
  10. Can my dog swim in a vinyl liner pool?
    Yes, the liners are 20 mil or 27 mil thick and many of our customers let their dogs swim in their pools.